Episode 104

AI in the AEC Industry with Mehdi Nourbakhsh and Andy McCune


March 6th, 2024

42 mins 42 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode we dig into the transformative impact of AI in the AEC industry. Discover how AI is reshaping the AEC landscape and paving the way for firms to gain a competitive edge. This conversation is balanced between AI expert Mehdi Nourbakhsh, Ph.D. and CEO Andy McCune as we explore the benefits of integrating AI software, strategies for staying ahead of the curve, and crucial considerations for successful implementation.

About today's guests:
Mehdi Nourbakhsh, Ph.D., is an author, speaker, and CEO of YegaTech, a technology consulting company in the AEC industry.With a decade of experience in the research and development of innovative AI solutions in the AEC and manufacturing industry at YegaTech, Autodesk, and GeorgiaTech, Mehdi brings a unique perspective to this space. He has developed several AI solutions that are used by
tens of thousands of AEC and manufacturing professionals every day, has filed seven US patents on the use of artificial intelligence in the AEC and manufacturing industries, and served as a member of the technical advisory committee of the Center of Integrated Facility
Engineering at Stanford University. In his new book written for AEC innovators and professionals, "Augment It: How Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Leaders Leverage Data and Artificial Intelligence to Build a Sustainable Future," Mehdi explains how AEC leaders can invent, innovate, and augment their capabilities using AI.

**Andy McCune **began his career in the consulting engineering industry in 1987 as a graduate engineer. Through the years, he has filled various roles; from project engineer to project manager to group manager to region manager, market segment manager, Chief Operating Officer and now Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board for Wade Trim. These roles have given him the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients including municipalities, utility authorities, departments of transportation, industrial and commercial entities, energy companies and many more. Andy draws from his 37 years of experience to guide the firm’s strategic focus and business performance. He is invested in continued development of the organization’s ability to be the best team in the business and to maintain a deep technical bench.

YegaTech: https://yegatech.com/free-resources/
Wade Trim: https://www.wadetrim.com//