Episode 95

Generational Communications in Internal Marketing


August 2nd, 2023

17 mins 57 secs

Your Host

About this Episode

Join Dawn and me as we dive into the fascinating world of intergenerational communication! Discover the secrets to bridging the gap between generations and adapting your internal marketing approach.

Dawn Wagenaar is an unsung hero of professional services marketing. She has dedicated more than 25 years to branding strategy inside firms and as a consultant and owner of Ingenuity Marketing Group, LLC. You won’t see her on a top 100 list, but that’s because she’s never stepped into the spotlight…until now. With multiple generations employed by and leading A/E/C firms, Dawn is bringing context from her many years in marketing to speak about the cultural shifts that will help some firms grow and cause others to fall behind. Immediate feedback and real-time training, flattened decision making, clear career tracks and firm ambassadors are just some of the opportunities for A/E/C firms right now. As a consultant, Dawn is excited to help guide professionals through this new era of brand positioning.



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