Episode 101

The Role a Copywriter Plays in Website Design with Ben Culbreth


January 17th, 2024

26 mins 43 secs

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About this Episode

Have you ever wondered how to make your website really stand out? Well, in today's episode, Ben and I dive into working with a copywriter when designing a website and the role good copy plays in a successful user experience.

Now, Ben has some serious wisdom to share. He's a firm believer in getting the copywriter involved right from the start. Why? Because thoughtful copy can guide the entire design process and make sure your website speaks directly to your audience. So, if you want your website to not just look amazing, but really hit the mark in delivering your message, stick around.

About Ben:
Ben Culbreth is a freelance copywriter and content strategist who partners with corporate clients and news publications. He also works with organizations to develop content marketing strategies. Prior to starting his business, Ben held roles in voluntary benefits sales and marketing and non-profit advocacy.

Ben's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/benjaminculbreth/

Website: www.benjaminculbreth.com